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Customer Reviews


I used to dread leaving my house in the mornings because I was embarrassed about my weight. I had wasted money and time on countless diets until I discovered Fruta Bio at www.CarribeanBeauty.com. I have to commend the people behind this amazing all-natural product. I am thrilled to report that I have lost exactly 16 lbs since I started this program.

 - Lois D.


I just cannot believe what I am seeing! Fruta Bio exceeded all my expectations. The results that I am seeing over the last 3 weeks are incredible. I don't think there is another product like this on the internet that comes even close to what this can help you achieve. If you're reading this and can't decide whether to buy, let me give it to you loud and clear – GET IT NOW – you owe it to yourself!

 - Ana Smith


When I first heard about Fruta Bio, I wasn't sure if this would work for me. To be perfectly honest, it sounded too good to be true. But something inside me just pushed me to give this a try and I decided to check it out for myself. Now I can confidently say that the effects have been nothing short of a miracle! I am no longer overeating. I feel stronger and healthier. I have lost more weight in the last 8 weeks than I have in my whole life!

 - Jose Jensen




Fruta Planta Reviews

I have been using Fruta Planta for a little over 60 days and I absolutely LOVE IT! I have taken Phentermine in the past with failed results and was recently diagnosed with PCOS. I was given a prescription of Metformin 1000mg to help break down the insulin in my body because of the PCOS. My Doctor told me I would start to lose weight with the Metformin. Instead I suffered MANY side effects and after 6 months I had only lost 4lbs which after a two weeks gained 6lbs back! Thanks to a friend and her success with Fruta Planta, I tried Fruta Planta for myself and after 30 Days I had lost 20lbs! Not only did I lose the weight but my ANXIETY CRAVINGS for SWEETS had decreased by 90%!! This has helped me with many health complications and my Doctor said that my pre-diabetic condition is completely gone. Thank you LA FRUTA PLANTA for helping me through this journey by giving me 100% CUSTOMER SUPPORT!

ALBA 4O, Orlando


I was on my second week of taking Fruta Planta and had not lost any weight but I noticed that my clothes were loose at the waist. I kept taking the pills and by the end of the month I had lost 15lbs. I am now on my third month of taking Fruta Planta and have dropped from a size 12 to a size 8. I am so thankful that I was able to lose this weight WITHOUT GOING HOURS TO A GYM and after so many failed diets, I finally found a MIRACLE PILL that has melted the FAT off my body. Thank you for your help by answering all my questions I am grateful.

DANEIDA 39, Miami, FL


I have been taking these pills for 3 months and have lost 30lbs so far!I was skeptical at the beginning because I didn’t lose any weight the first two weeks but the company told me that some people take longer to start dropping weight although I did notice that I was losing inches. I lost 9lbs after my second week and it’s been constant ever since.

I’m really excited with my pills because I know they are the real ones and when I ordered from this company they sent me a guide and they keep sending me updates on what to do if I hit a plateau! The customer service is the best part of the process and they answer all my questions and concerns!

I had originally bought them in February of this year through Amazon and they were FAKE! I tried again in April because my friend referred me to this website.


Marilyn 31, Boston, MA

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