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I have been using Fruta Planta for a little over 60 days and I absolutely LOVE IT! I have taken Phentermine in the past with failed results and was recently diagnosed with PCOS. I was given a prescription of Metformin 850mg to help break down the insulin in my body because of the PCOS. My Doctor told me I would start to lose weight with the Metformin. Instead I suffered MANY side effects and after 6 months I had only lost 4lbs which after a two weeks gained 6lbs back! Thanks to a friend and her success with Fruta Planta, I tried Fruta Planta for myself and after 30 Days I had lost 20lbs! Not only did I lose the weight but my ANXIETY CRAVINGS for SWEETS had decreased by 90%!! This has helped me with many health complications and my Doctor said that my pre-diabetic condition is completely gone. Thank you LA FRUTA PLANTA for helping me through this journey by giving me 100% CUSTOMER SUPPORT!

ALBA 4O, Orlando,FL


I was on my second week of taking Fruta Planta and had not lost any weight but I noticed that my clothes were loose at the waist. I kept taking the pills and by the end of the month I had lost 15lbs. I am now on my third month of taking Fruta Planta and have dropped from a size 12 to a size 8. I am so thankful that I was able to lose this weight WITHOUT GOING HOURS TO A GYM and after so many failed diets, I finally found a MIRACLE PILL that has melted the FAT off my body. Thank you for your help by answering all my questions I am grateful.

DANEIDA 39, Miami, FL


I have been taking these pills for 3 months and have lost 30lbs so far!I was skeptical at the beginning because I didn’t lose any weight the first two weeks but the company told me that some people take longer to start dropping weight although I did notice that I was losing inches. I lost 9lbs after my second week and it’s been constant ever since.

I’m really excited with my pills because I know they are the real ones and when I ordered from this company they sent me a guide and they keep sending me updates on what to do if I hit a plateau! The customer service is the best part of the process and they answer all my questions and concerns!

I had originally bought them in February of this year through Amazon and they were FAKE! I tried again in April because my friend referred me to this website.


Marilyn 31, Boston, MA

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